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The 10% Courage Challenge

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

At NextArrow we have conducted many interviews with people across professions on the topic of courage. Each interview ends with what we call the 10% Courage Challenge:

Complete this sentence:

If I had 10% more courage, I would ….

Why 10%? Because it’s an amount that’s within reach for most people. It’s also the foundation for future courage gains.

We’ve found people’s answers to be inspiring and revealing. More importantly, they give the interviewees an opportunity to redirect their attention to things that matter in their professional and personal lives.

Below is a small sample of how people completed the 10% courage challenge:

· Quit my job and create my own company

· Move to another country to be with my beloved

· Go part time and pursue my passion project

· Retire and face my death

· Apply for a new role in my company

· Unpack moving boxes in my room

· Be less quick to denounce people

· Propose ideas before getting permission

· Pushback more with my boss

· Reach out to strangers and ask to invest in my startup

· Better challenge ideas that are not supported by facts

· Take more risks with my writing and career.

· Give away more money

· Start a non-profit

· Visit my doctor

· Get a driver’s license

· Write a book

· Be more vocal in meetings

· Admit mistakes more readily

Now, it’s your turn. Fill in our anonymous survey below and let us know what you'd do with 10% more courage:

Of course, identifying a target and hitting a target are two different things. The next step is to plan how to conjure up more courage to achieve your goal.

We are here to help.

At NextArrow, we specialize in helping people enhance performance by doing hard things in the face of their fears. Our live workshops are designed for professionals who face business and career challenges that call for courage.

Click here to learn more about our offerings.

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