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Courageous Leadership 

How to bring out the brave in your team

Research shows that 85% of workers report feeling unable to raise an issue or concern with their bosses, even when they believe the issue is important. This is a serious problem. Apprehension stymies innovation, progress, learning, and growth. In this workshop, we introduce the concept of psychological safety and give leaders the tools to increase the likelihood of their team speaking up, sharing ideas, giving feedback, and admitting mistakes. We’ll explore what leaders can do to set expectations, provide motivation, model behavior, set up team norms and rituals, express gratitude, and destigmatize failure. Participants will leave this workshop with the tools to create brave spaces and bring out the best in their team.


Courageous negotiations 

Overcome your apprehension and learn to love negotiating

According to a recent study, a large number of people would prefer to eat live bugs than negotiate at work. Yet, as scary as negotiation may be, it’s something many of us must do daily (internally and externally). This workshop is designed to give people the tools to overcome their apprehension and learn to love negotiations. That’s right, love them! Together, we'll explore different negotiation styles, how to prepare for a negotiation, the building blocks of rapport and influence, and specific tactics to negotiate more effectively. Through practice, participants will leave this workshop feeling justifiably confident and prepared to handle difficult negotiations.

* No live bugs will be eaten in this workshop


Courageous conversations

Learn how to communicate with impact

Whether you’re having a feedback conversation, navigating conflict, or just sharing a tough message, knowing how to communicate for impact without damaging relationships is essential. In this workshop, you'll develop skills to manage your emotions and communicate effectively, especially under pressure. We’ll explore a 3-step model of structuring a conversation and useful strategies for opening dialogue. You'll leave this workshop knowing what to do before, during, and after a difficult conversation. Participants will practice real-life examples and get feedback from their peers.


Courageous presentations

Conquer one of the most necessary and feared skills at work

In this workshop, we tackle one of the most necessary and feared skills at work – public speaking. Together, we'll learn techniques – born of modern science, pop culture, and ancient wisdom – that will help learners improve their presence and communicate more compellingly. Participants will leave this practical workshop with tools to regulate their emotions, connect with their audience, and tell an effective story. Whether you're presenting in team meetings or in more formal settings, this workshop will rapidly help you become a better presenter.  


Courageous work 

Tools to become more courageous at work (and life)

Why do we need courage at work? Research shows that courage isn't just a job requirement for firefighters and soldiers, but for anyone working in a complex, ever-changing, and interdependent environment. Lack of courage leads to underperformance, team dysfunction, stifled innovation, and silence in the face of problems. In this workshop, you'll learn techniques, born of timeless wisdom and modern science, to summon your courage in the face of your fears. These include a risk audit, values check, emotion regulation practices, goal-setting, and after-action reviews. You'll leave this workshop with actionable tools that will help you add value to your team, develop your career, become more confident, and overcome your limitations.


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