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How to bring out the brave in your team

Research shows that 85% of workers report feeling unable to raise an issue or concern with their bosses, even when they believe the issue is important. Apprehension stymies innovation, progress, learning, and growth. In this workshop, we introduce the concept of psychological safety and give leaders tools designed to encourage their team to speak up, share ideas, give feedback, and admit mistakes. We’ll explore what leaders can do to set expectations, provide motivation, model behavior, set up team norms, and destigmatize failure. Participants will leave this workshop with the tools to create brave spaces and bring out the best in their team.



Overcome your apprehension and learn to love negotiating

According to a recent study, a large number of people would prefer to eat live bugs than negotiate at work. Yet, as scary as negotiation may be, it’s something many of us must do daily (internally and externally). This workshop is designed to give people the tools to overcome their apprehension and learn to love negotiations. That’s right, love them! Together, we'll explore different negotiation styles, how to prepare for a negotiation, the building blocks of rapport and influence, and specific tactics to negotiate more effectively. Through practice, participants will leave this workshop feeling justifiably confident and prepared to handle difficult negotiations. ​ * No live bugs will be eaten in this workshop.



Learn how to communicate with impact

Whether you’re having a feedback conversation, navigating conflict, or just sharing a tough message, knowing how to communicate for impact without damaging relationships is essential. In this workshop, you'll develop skills to manage your emotions and communicate effectively, especially under pressure. We’ll explore a 3-step model of structuring a conversation and useful strategies for opening dialogue. You'll leave this workshop knowing what to do before, during, and after a difficult conversation. Participants will practice real-life examples and get feedback from their peers.



Conquer one of the most necessary and feared skills at work

In this workshop, we tackle one of the most necessary and feared skills at work – public speaking. Together, we'll learn techniques – born of modern science, pop culture, and ancient wisdom – that will help learners improve their presence and communicate more compellingly. Participants will leave this practical workshop with tools to regulate their emotions, connect with their audience, and tell an effective story. Whether you're presenting in team meetings or in more formal settings, this workshop will rapidly help you become a better presenter.



Tools to become more productive at work (and life)

In today’s work climate, it’s imperative for people to know how best to manage their time, attention, and energy. Yet most trainings on the subject are only surface level, providing people with plenty of tools but little understanding of why productivity is such a struggle. In this workshop, we’ll take a deep dive and look at both the challenges of increasing our productivity and at the solutions. Together, we’ll explore how to utilize our most productive time, set boundaries, manage distractions, and improve energy levels. Participants will leave this workshop with a clear understanding of what their productivity challenges are and how best to address them.



How to guide your team to results 

Effective coaching is a vital skill for managers to develop, as it has been demonstrated by research to boost the motivation, productivity, and engagement of team members. Nonetheless, many leaders struggle to coach in a way that brings out people’s greatest potential. To address that challenge, this workshop delves into the core components of exceptional coaching, with a particular emphasis on refining listening and questioning abilities. Participants will have the opportunity to hone their coaching skills by employing NextArrow's GPS2 framework, a highly structured approach that promotes successful coaching conversations.



How to use your most powerful tool to bring out the best in your team

One-to-ones are the key to employee engagement. Research shows that regular meetings with managers triple the likelihood of job engagement. However, poorly conducted one-to-ones can drain resources and become a burden for teams. In this workshop, participants will gain practical tools to skillfully prepare for one-to-one meetings, build rapport, conduct performance conversations, and deliver developmental coaching. By the end of the workshop, participants will have the essential tools to use their one-to-ones to drive engagement, development, and accountability.



How to get buy-in for your ideas

Whether you find yourself in a flat organization or a hierarchical one, the ability to influence without formal authority remains a vital skill. Yet, all too often, workshops on this topic resort to tips and tricks that are unethical, manipulative, and unsustainable. In contrast, this workshop focuses on equipping participants with the skills needed to get genuine commitment from internal and external stakeholders. We'll explore the sources of influence and share simple steps on how to nurture trust, expand professional competence, and create buy-in for ideas. In this workshop, participants will pick up practical and non-manipulative strategies for enhancing their workplace impact and becoming a more influential presence in the organization.

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From Critical to Creative Cognition

The rise of generative AI, one of the world's newest technologies, has coincided with the growing demand for one of the world's oldest technologies: critical and creative thinking. A recent study by the World Economic Forum reveals that top executives rank these skills as increasingly necessary and essential for the future of work. In this workshop, we'll explore strategies and techniques, at the individual and collective level, for improving both our critical and creative thinking. Topics include: Common biases that stymie creative and critical thinking, articulating disagreement without being disagreeable, overcoming psychological fixedness, and mastering productive brainstorming. Critical & Creative Thinking prepares individuals for success in the dynamic future of work.

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How to turn dispute into dialogue

Conflict resolution is both an art and a science. This interactive session will empower you to explore your unique conflict style, equipping you with the self-awareness needed to navigate and adapt to the most challenging situations. Gain essential skills in emotion regulation and integrative thinking to effectively prepare for conflicts. Learn how to shift from debates to constructive dialogues, fostering understanding and empathy. Discover strategies to break through impasses when facts or solutions seem elusive. Drawing from a rich blend of classical wisdom and contemporary research on conflict, this workshop will help you become a more resilient and skillful communicator in both personal and professional contexts.

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How to model giving & receiving feedback

Feedback has been described as the breakfast of champions, as it’s foundational for learning, growth, and establishing resilient relationships. Yet research shows that, while people crave feedback, they're often hesitant to give it and, equally, struggle receiving it. The heart of the challenge lies in our all-too-human tendency to maintain a positive self-image, shun vulnerability, and belong to our tribe. NextArrow's ‘Got Feedback?’ workshop tackles this head-on. Through an interactive experience, this workshop equips participants with a robust framework, practical exercises, and effective communication strategies to address the complexities of feedback. Attendees will learn to articulate feedback with clarity and empathy, fostering an environment where feedback is not only given but, also, received as a catalyst for growth and collaboration.


High-Performing Team Culture

Orchestrating culture with intentionality

High-Performing Team Culture is a thought-provoking and practical workshop designed for leaders focused on cultivating a strong, effective team environment. Participants will learn strategies for aligning team identity and purpose, harnessing cognitive diversity, managing conflict constructively, embracing continuous learning, and appreciating team members. This workshop is a crucial resource for anyone aiming to enhance team dynamics and achieve superior organizational results.


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