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What's in a Name?

“That which we call a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet,” Shakespeare opined in Romeo and Juliet. And, although the bard was right about the smell, he was wrong to dismiss the importance of a name.

NextArrow, for example, influenced by a Buddhist parable, comes from the idea that while life can be challenging (metaphorical arrows will come your way), you always have a choice in how you respond (your next arrow). We wanted

to create an organization that gives people the tools to respond well to life’s challenges, professionally or otherwise.

Recently, we asked some of our clients to share what the names of their organizations mean to them.

Here’s what they had to say:

CharterWorks (Erin Grau, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer)

“Charter is a media and insights platform focused on the future of work. Our mission is to transform every workplace and catalyze a new era of dynamic organizations where all workers thrive. It's a bold -- yet achievable! -- goal, and we needed a company name that was bold, too.

A charter is a bold claim. It stands for something new and purposeful, a commitment to escape the gravitational pull of the status quo.

A charter is a catalyst for a better end. It represents a moment of significant and far-reaching inflection.

A charter is a tool that facilitates movement. It's a map for navigators of the unfamiliar.”

Offbeat (Lavinia Mehedintu, Co-Founder & Learning Architect)

“When we began our company, we knew the industry we were targeting had long-standing practices that weren't adapted to the reality we're living in. To stand out and make a real difference, we had to take unique approaches, implement modern practices, and appeal to the next generation of People and L&D Leaders. That's how we came up with Offbeat, a name that would hint we're exploring unconventional methods for developing learning ecosystems. By embracing an off-beat approach, we determine the subjects we address and avoid, the partnerships we pursue, the initiatives we join, and the way we present ourselves to the world. In the end, it's not just a name, it's part of our DNA.”

Jobber (Raquel Binder, Senior Manager, Coaching & Development)

“Jobber’s mission is to help small home service businesses modernize their operations, increase earning potential, and meet evolving consumer expectations. By definition, a Jobber is a traditional name for someone who performs a job, typically used among tradespeople, such as plumbers, electricians, and painters. To me, Jobber’s name is synonymous with our values (to be humble, supportive, and give a sh*t). Everything we do has a direct connection to our wonderful customers - my team’s job, for example, is to support our 550+ employees who work to help people in small business be successful. It makes me proud that each day we can see the impact that we have on small business owners.”

Lemonade (Shula Ehrlich, Senior Manager of Learning Design)

“I love the name of the company I work for. To me, Lemonade evokes the idea that beautiful things can come out of a challenge. It means making the most of a given situation, despite how difficult it might be. It means learning from our failures and growing as a result. It means finding creative solutions within a set of constraints. These ideas actually guide the way that I work on a regular basis and I'm proud to work for a company that believes in operating and learning in this way.”

Medical Brain (Dr. Eyal Ephrat, Co-Founder & CEO)

For me, as a physician, ‘brain’ means thinking, knowledge, and highly advanced, sophisticated processing. The term ‘Medical Brain,’ therefore, means an entity that's highly sophisticated and that specializes in the reliable processing of medical knowledge and ideas. As a company that services both patients and physicians, I believe the name ‘Medical Brain’ embodies our raison d’être - giving the patient confidence that our service is highly reliable and professional and to make it an integral part of their health journey, while giving the physician the confidence that they have a reliable, professional ally.

And there you have it! If, as Shakespeare also said, “All the world’s a stage,” then all the better if your company has a meaningful name to play its part.

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