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We help leaders & teams develop courage to achieve excellence

Our approach

We provide brainy, playful, and practical training for executives, managers, and teams. Our live workshops are informed by research and better practices and are designed to help employees, at every stage of their career, bring their best selves to work.


How to bring out the brave in your team

Overcome your apprehension and learn to love negotiating




Learn how to regulate emotions & communicate with impact

Conquer one of the most necessary & feared skills at work


Develop tools to become more courageous at work (and life)

COURAGEous work

When we act courageously at work — when we speak up in meetings, share an unpopular belief, give tough feedback, develop a new skill, stretch ourselves — we often realize we’re more capable than we imagine.

Roi Ben-Yehuda

NextArrow Founder & CEO


What clients say




Shula (Ponet) Ehrlich
Senior Manager of Learning Design, Lemonade

Can't speak highly enough about working with NextArrow. Very generous with their time in planning the workshops and getting to know us to ensure they would land well. The content is super research- and data-driven and the workshops are dynamic and interactive. They keep everyone actively engaged and openly sharing for two hours. Thank you NextArrow!