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Timeless wisdom for the modern workplace.

NextArrow provides brainy, playful, and practical training for executives, managers, and teams. Our workshops and coaching programs are designed to help employees at every stage of their career achieve and sustain excellence.


Evidence-Based Content

We want participants to find every workshop objectively useful. That’s why you’ll see references to empirical research in every workshop. It’s also why we follow up our training with suggestions for deep-dive readings.

Playful  Presentations

Two-hour workshops might sound long, but time flies when you’re having fun! Participants in our workshops often ask for more time with us, not less.

Practical Take -Away Tools

We measure our success by what our participants do differently after spending time with us. Every participant leaves with simple steps to solve problems and improve their performance.

Interactive Sessions

Learning requires active engagement. That’s why, every ten minutes, participants practice critical thinking with their facilitator or peers and plan out how they’ll use their new skills to create a better future.

Expert Facilitation

It’s hard to find facilitators who have advanced degrees, have worked with over 50k participants around the world, and who average feedback scores over 4.7. Well, it used to be hard!

Client Love Letters

(We promise we didn’t bribe them!)

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When you work with us, you're in good company 

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