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OpenHouse by NextArrow

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OpenHouse by NextArrow is a free, monthly event where we share some of our favorite tools, from some of our favorite workshops, with some of our favorite people. If you’re in an internal People Ops/HR role (or between jobs in those roles), you’re invited to join and build your network, pick up tools to develop your career, and check out what it’s like to take a NextArrow workshop.

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This month's topic: 

Creating Psych Safety

Research shows that 85% of workers report feeling unable to raise an issue or concern with their bosses, even when they believe the issue is important. This is a serious problem. Apprehension stymies innovation, progress, learning, and growth. In this workshop, we introduce the concept of psychological safety and share researched-based tools leaders can use to promote their teams speaking up, sharing ideas, giving feedback, and admitting mistakes. And, as usual, we’ll have some fun along the way!

Sign-up to meet friends from People Ops and HR, who all share a passion for the human experience in the workplace.

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Creating Psych Safety

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

10 - 11am EST & 3 - 4pm EST 

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Thanks for registering for our event. You'll get a calendar invite from us soon. See you at OpenHouse!

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