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OpenHouse by NextArrow

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OpenHouse by NextArrow is a free, monthly event where we share some of our favorite tools, from some of our favorite workshops, with some of our favorite people. If you’re in a People Ops/HR role (or between jobs), you’re invited to join and build your network, pick up tools to develop your career, and check out what it’s like to take a NextArrow workshop.

This month's topic: Courageous Conversations

Whether you’re having a feedback conversation, navigating conflict, or just sharing a tough message, knowing how to communicate for impact without damaging relationships is essential. In this mini workshop, you'll develop skills to manage your emotions and communicate effectively, especially under pressure. You'll leave this mini workshop knowing what to do before, during, and after a difficult conversation.

Sign-up to meet friends from People Ops and HR, who all share a passion for the human experience in the workplace.

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Courageous Conversations  

Tuesday, March 28

10am - 11am ET & 3pm - 4pm ET 


Thanks for registering for our event. You'll get a calendar invite from us soon. See you at OpenHouse!

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