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OpenHouse by NextArrow


OpenHouse by NextArrow is a free, monthly event where we share some of our favorite tools, from some of our favorite workshops, with some of our favorite people. Like many of our clients, we think you’ll find our sessions totally...


This month's topic: Courageous Presentations

In this mini workshop we tackle one of the most necessary and feared skills at work – public speaking. Together, we'll learn tools – born of modern science, pop culture, and ancient wisdom – that help speakers regulate their emotions, connect with their audience, and tell an effective story. Whether you're presenting in team meetings or in more formal settings, this mini-workshop will rapidly help you become a more confident & compelling speaker. 

Sign-up to meet People Ops, HR, and other areas of business who all share a passion for the human experience in the workplace.



Courageous Presentations  

Tuesday, February 21

10am - 11am ET & 3pm - 4pm ET 

Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

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